Hi, I’m Kaelynn. I’m a teacher and mom of 4, including two sugar babies (gestational diabetes pregnancies). I’m passionate about sharing the tips and tricks that I learned while having gestational diabetes, and working on a healthy low-carb lifestyle postpartum. Thanks for visiting!

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Diagnosed with gestational diabetes? Welcome to the club!

If you are anything like me, your diagnosis probably came with a whole host of emotions, and even something like the stages of grief. I was shocked, depressed, angry. I blamed myself, then felt sorry for myself. I spent more than a few days pouting after I was diagnosed.

But my journey with gestational diabetes proved to be a wake-up call and an amazing opportunity to improve my health and diet choices. I learned so much and I’m excited to share what I have learned on this blog!

Please explore the blog to find recipes and tips for living with gestational diabetes.
HERE for a free printable blood sugar chart!

Click HERE for another blood sugar chart- this one is in spreadsheet format.